At the Hospital

Daddy's Boy.

Leaving the Hospital

Our first official meeting.

Tim McGraw Concert

This was SO MUCH FUN. Harold and Heber took me to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's Concert in New Orleans. I was with my four favorite men... Harold and Heber sitting beside me, Dixon Sterling still inside me, while Tim McGraw was singing to me=). My favorite song of the night was, "Dancing When the Stars go Blue."

Petrie on his Perch


Heber and I went to Nottoway to eat for our anniversary. It is right on the Mississippi River, and is the largest plantation home in the south.

Rachel and Nathaniel

This is Rachel, Heber's youngest sister, and Nathaniel. All of Heber's family (Shauna, you're practically there) live in Arizona. Nathaniel wanted to propose to Rachel, but hadn't met Heber yet (Heber has four sisters). So Nathaniel suprises Rachel and arrainges the engagement here in Louisiana... to be with Heber and I!! We were so honored and had the best weekend with them! The above picture was taken at Oak Alley, where Nathaniel actually proposed. Just 6 more weeks until we go out there for the wedding!!
Our cat Peaches (yes, I did name our boy kitty Peaches) initiates Nathaniel into the family. Peaches is giving him the talk on what will happen to him if he doesn't treat Rachel right.

What a gene pool

This summer Heber and I went to Florida for a Clawson reunion (my Mom's family). This is a pic of Heber with Grandpa, uncles, and cousins. I thougt to myself, "How could our son NOT be good looking?"

Flying High

Thanks to Uncle Hughes and Aunt Betsy for letting us fly on their plane to West Virgini for the Abell Reunion.. We got there so fast my feet didn't even swell! (the things you're happy about when prego)
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Tennis Pro

Heber's been taking lessons these last nine months...

They're Able or Tuft

Heber, cousin Sam and Graham, and Harold.

The Greenbier Resort

Parents last gettaway
The Abell Family Reunion

Just the Two of Us

While Heber was doing extreme sports with the cousins, Dixon and I checked into the spa for a pregnancy message. I never knew being eight months pregnant could feel so good!!