Poor Little Unsuspecting Santa is taken to the Dr. for his shots

"Big Al" (Heber named him) was the beginning of our back-yard discoveries

If you Click Closer it really looks like he's smiling.

One night I was taking out the garbage and felt something was looking down at me....

A possum (I named her Patty since I found this one)

So I told Heber, and he had to come out and take these pics. It moved further down the tree and Heber's standing right under it! I was afraid the flash would startle it and make it fall. I love animals, but this was so gross.

Pearl's Playmate

in Daddy's hands

I loved this pic because the Racoon's little hands reminded me of my son's!

He's happiest just in a diaper and slippers

Now those of you who really know me know that the following cat pics aren't even a third of the pics I took of these two together!

Dixon LOVES the kitties!! This is the first time I let them play together, and he was SO HAPPY after having watched Petrie for so long.

It was a great discovery to find that Petrie Always makes Everything better in Dixon Sterling's little world.

After all Heber and I can do (offer food, take him outside, give toys) at the end of the day, playing with Petrie makes it better.

Even if you think I'm crazy, you have to admit this is ADORABLE!

Arm in Arm

A perfect Love Triangle

Cuddling at Last

Petrie is so patient with the baby. He will let Dixon pull at his tail and whiskers without a scratch.

When Dixon was a new baby and was crying in his bouncer, oftentimes I'd get there and Petrie would already be standing over him. Awwwww. this is about all you can take, but again you know how happy it makes me to have them get along so well considering these cats have been our babies for almost 4 years. (Pearl still cautiously sniffs at him and Peaches' tolerance level reaches a limit)

Packing up to go to Arizona for Rachel and Nathaniel's wedding. Petrie wants to come too!

Baby Dixon's First Plane ride at 3 months!! 9 cousins in Arizona waiting to meet him!

A window to see at 30,000 miles in the sky.... but he never even knew it!

I'll always remember this plane ride. Heber had been very busy with school since Dixon Sterling's birth, so we enjoyed the hours sitting down together with nothing to do but adore him!

All cozy and wrapped up...with one eye open just to make sure he's not missing anything.


He loved walking down the aisle...rows and rows of people to look at!

Grandpa Cutler's first time to meet Dixon Sterling

He could not stop laughing with Grandpa

Wearing Heber's blessing outfit to the same church Heber grew up in.

At the Tuft Home